Spring... we are glad to welcome you!

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“Unique, inspiring, welcoming and breathtaking" are some of the words that our guests use to describe Arrow Park. However, to truly appreciate ”our place in the country” you need to visit in person. Whether making plans for a special family event or gathering, your next business meeting or seminar, and – of course - when looking for a magical wedding venue, we invite you to consider Arrow Park. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to chat and meet with you.


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Surrounded by acres of protected forests, native foliage and wildlife, Arrow Park is a private estate in New York's Hudson Valley. Established by a small group of immigrant families as an oasis from the busy and congested city life of New York and New Jersey in the 1940s, Arrow Park has remained a place for family and cultural events, as well as conferences, seminars and retreats for over seven decades. The property includes a historic mansion, gardens, beach area, Arrow Lake and banquet hall. We take pride in the fact that Arrow Park has been repeatedly recognized as a top New York wedding venue for excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism throughout these past few years.



In recent years Arrow Park opened it's doors to the public for weddings and we have not looked back. Our brides and grooms – along with their families, friends and guests – have given the venue, and our staff, the recommendations and notoriety to quickly become one of the most recognized wedding venues in the Hudson Valley Region.

Whether planning a micro-wedding or large, indoor or outdoor, the whole of Arrow Park is available to create the most memorable celebration imaginable.


Arrow Park has again received two distinguished wedding awards. Our sincere thanks to the brides, grooms, their families and friends that made it possible! It is a wonderful way to start the New Year! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your special day! – January 2023


Featuring a grand dining room, sun room, terrace , courtyard and meeting spaces – the mansion also accommodates a limited number of overnight event guests. Surrounded by forests on it's norther side, the southern views offer an eagle's nest vantage to Arrow Lake below...

The centerpiece of Arrow Park was originally commissioned and built in 1909 by Julia Cooper and Schuyler Schieffelin – prominent entrepreneurial figures in turn-of-the-century New York Business Society. It was recorded for it's architectural progressiveness at that time, and remains very much today as it was then.


“A place of beauty, peacefulness and recreation for shareholders and their families, friends and guests to enjoy.”


From the moment  you drive into Arrow Park, you realize that this is someplace special. The grounds have been the meeting place for gatherings and events with hundreds of people in attendance. And, it has been the quiet retreat for groups simply searching for the space to “unplug and recharge.”

Our estate has been a place of the recreation and celebration for over seven decades. It is remarkably memorable, natural and welcoming.



Spring... we are glad to welcome you!
Spring... we are glad to welcome you!
Spring... we are glad to welcome you!
Spring... we are glad to welcome you!
Spring... we are glad to welcome you!