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During the 50s-70s, there were over 45,000 bungalows in the New York Catskill area. However, lifestyle and vacation options have changed since then, and the majority of those “country cottages” have vanished, been abandoned or been demolished to make room for new neighborhoods and developments. Our bungalows are among the few still remaining in the area.


Arrow Park Bungalows offer a practical solution for anyone on a budget, just looking to "get away from it all,” or needing a convenient place to sleep and rest during an on-site event such as a wedding, family celebration or company retreat. The bungalows are across the street from the main entrance to Arrow Park. They are within walking distance of the Mansion. It is only a one or two minute drive to the main parking lot near the mansion, but – if you have the time and stamina – the walk is an enchanting, refreshing and enjoyable alternative.


There are no television hookups or WiFi in these cottages. You'll need to bring your own 4G connection. There are air conditioners in the sitting and kitchenette areas – but not in the individual bedrooms. This is all about “simple living." We currently have two bungalows available which have been recently renovated. (There are others on the property, but those are in need of major renovations and refurbishing and off limits to guests and visitors.)


The Arrow Park Bungalows are a nice option for those who require simple and practical accommodations. They are the type of accommodations that where the highlight of a summer's vacation for working class America a half century ago. Reminiscent of that bygone Catskill Era – our bungalows offer the essentials; a comfortable place to sleep, a roof over your head, a place to shower, a bathroom, and "kitchen enough" (microwave and compact refrigerator) for simple meal preparations.

Adirondack chairs and picnic tables are conveniently located between the units; perfect for enjoying the views, sounds and serenity of the surroundings.




4 Bedrooms

Each with Double Beds

Sleeps 8


Kitchen, Stove and Refrigerator

Coffee Maker

Living Room/Sitting Area


Roll-Away Beds Available

Bungalow Guests


Being located across from the main entrance to Arrow Park, we highly suggest that you use caution when crossing Rte. 19 (Orange Turnpike) to enter Arrow Park either on foot or in your automobile. Although this road is not highly traveled, drivers do tend to pass at relatively higher speeds – which may create a hazard for youngsters (and oldsters) that may be distracted by the views and anticipation of Arrow Park's driveway. We strongly recommend attending younger children when crossing the road.


Bungalow 11 and 12 can each comfortably sleep 6 to 8 guests each.  These are most often used as an on-grounds solution for accommodating the family, wedding parties and friends of our bridal couples. The bungalows are also used by retreat and event personnel and participants throughout the year. Private rental of the bungalows can be arranged for individuals and families, however – we maintain an "exclusive use policy" for those who have booked Arrow Park for a special occasion. If there is an event, wedding or conference being held at Arrow Park, we respectfully only accommodate those participating in that particular event.

Arrow Park Bungalow 11



4 Bedrooms

3 with Double Beds

1 with Twin Beds

Sleeps 8


1/2 Bath/Shower

Efficiency Kitchen


Kitchenette-Sitting Area

Coffee Maker


Roll-Away Beds Available