Arrow Park mansion

A unique centerpiece of a very unique venue.

The main level of the mansion at Arrow Park affords two larger rooms suitable for meetings, gatherings, parties and social events. Alongside each of these are three additional areas which offer wonderful settings for more intimate gatherings and are very suitable for a wide variety of purposes and utility – both on their own or in conjunction with the main rooms.


The main floor of the mansion features four distinct areas for meals and dining. Each accommodating to your specific needs. For larger groups, the main and eastern dining rooms offer views and an world atmosphere. Adjacent to each are smaller areas; the patio, sun room and library. The patio area offers a wonderful eating and meeting space for more intimate outdoor experience, while the sun room (off the main dining room) features views of the lake and forested areas surrounding the mansion.


The upper level of the mansion offers twelve rooms, three have spectacular lake-view suites with fireplaces, bathtubs and two with a private porch facing the lake. The other rooms share common facilities and have views of the surrounding forest area. All rooms have air conditioning. There are no televisions on the grounds. We do offer a few WIFI hotspots throughout the property for your convenience, but – keep in mind – our emphasis is on natural beauty, relaxation and an “unplugged appreciation” of the simple things in life.



Exclusive full house rentals available. Daily. Weekly.


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The Ideal Space

...for any occasion and event





  • Lake-view meeting and dining areas
  • Porch-sitting areas (indoor/outdoor)
  • Food service/kitchen areas
  • Seating for up to 85 guests





  • A fully equipped food service kitchen for food preparation and warm-ups
  • A sun room with floor-to-ceiling window views of the lake and forest
  • The dining room can easily be reconfigured for wedding ceremonies, stand-up receptions, parties and special occasions, according to your needs.






A perfect setting for informal conversation, casual breaks and fresh-air lounging. Adjacent indoor area offers a smaller dining area along with convenience beverage bar and kitchen access.

Sleeping-Overnight Accommodations

“Sleep Well”


Awaking in Arrow Park Mansion is a wonderful experience. “The only thing better?” Your good night's sleep just hours before!


Our rooms feature extremely comfortable beds and our staff will assist for all your concerns and needs. Be sure to ask about our exclusive rentals, catering options and activities scheduling.


  • Main House Rental
  • Daily, Multiple or Weekend Rates
  • Main Level and/or Overnight


Multi-night/day discounts available.

Be sure to ask about non-exclusive mid-week rates, special/seasonal offers and pricing, as well as availability.


Arrow Park Bungalows

Additional on-sight accommodations



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Please Note

We only offer full-house overnight accommodation rentals. If you are looking for regular single room hotel-style accommodations in the Monroe Area, we suggest trying an on-line service such as expedia.