“Postpone, elope, micro or mini?”

These past few years have made wedding planning increasingly complicated and even frustrating. We are all trying to balance our pre-Covid expectations with our current realities. Some couples already had plans in place. Others are just beginning to look at what is possible. We all want our weddings to be one of the most memorable moments in our lives, while – at the same time – we want to be sure that we are taking necessary precautions for the well-being of our family and friends. It has become... complicated. Our lives have changed and – for many of us – so has our planning.

At Arrow Park we invite you to slow things down and consider a different perspective on the ”new normal.” While many will wait for the return of larger weddings, some couples are choosing the more intimate and less complicated options of elopements and micro-weddings. These “smaller-choices” have always existed and are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a more intimate connection on your wedding day, a chance to really spend time with your guests and a special way to express your commitment to each other. These options also offer relief from the higher stress value which tend to be inherent in planning a larger celebration. With micro and mini-weddings, keeping an eye on details does become easier, and – perhaps – even more enjoyable and appreciated because of the intimacy of the occasion. Many venues, including Arrow Park, also offer additional savings for weekday events – whether small or large – which can be an additional consideration when making your plans.

We invite you to contact our staff for more details, schedule a tour of our property and discuss what possibilities make sense for you.

If you are intent on “bringing it all together in a big way,” there is also “Now and When” – celebrating your commitment in the moment and sharing your life decision with a larger gathering when life is a little more manageable. As always, we are here to discuss your options and to assist in making your special day magical and memorable. We look forward to hearing from you.


FOR MORE INFORMATION or to arrange for a tour of Arrow Park, simply give us a call, 845-783-2044 or email Kelsey.


(50 guests and under)

4 Hour Event M-T

30 Minute Cocktail Hour


2 Hour Access to Bridal Suite

Champagne Toast

Silver Liquor Package

3-Course Menu Provided






Weekday Offers, plus Arrow Park Vendor Enhancement Options


(4 guests standing only)

1 Hour Event M-T

Champagne Toast






(25 guests and under)

3 Hour Event M-T


Champagne Toast

3-Course Menu Provided










3 Hour Beer, Wine & Soda Bar

Arrow Park Sales Manager

Liquor Packages Available

Soft Drink Bar Available

Micro  – Mini

Music for Elopement

LB Entertainment

Music for Micro Wedding

LB Entertainment

Day of Coordinator

Full Sized Bouquet

Flowers by David Anthony


Mariana Feely Photography

Lite Fireplaces

2 Fireplaces

Welcome Station with Adult Lemonade

(or Rum Tea)




+ 23% Service Fee + New York State Sales Tax 8.125% + 15% gratuity on any beverage package